Together, we will REVOLUTIONIZE the gaming industry!
I'm frustrated that game companies nowadays only care about money, and not actually about creating new and exciting high-calibre games. I'm frustrated with new companies trying to beat the system, only to become sellouts to Big Tech. I'm sick and tired of marketing departments burning out their Devs by pushing them beyond burnout. They only follow the $$$ and just don't CARE! Unfortunately, we just keep buying these games because there's no other options, and it's perpetuating the cycle. I want to put an end to this with X1T Gaming, and work together with YOU to redesign the world of gaming where: 1. The company openly CARES for it's developers; 2. The company LISTENS to what the PEOPLE want; and 3. The company will NEVER sell out to Big Tech! 

I know it's possible, but I can't do it alone. 

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